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MSExpertise is a group of five partners, who have expertise in this particular field at an international level. MSExpertise provides practical, scientific advice to customers.


Pr. Edwin
De Pauw

Full Professor
Consultant partner

Edwin De Pauw is full professor at University of Liège, where he founded the Mass Spectrometry Laboratory and co-founded the Center for Analytical Research and Technology (CART). He is author or coauthor of more than 200 publications in international journals and book chapters. He is co-founder of the Belgian Society for Mass Spectrometry Society (BSMS) and is involved in several European and International projects.


Pr. Jean-François Focant

Full Professor
Consultant partner

Separation Science specialist, known as a dioxin expert, he has extensive experience in method development and validation for ultra-trace measurements in complex matrices. His expertise also includes hyphenation of multidimensional chromatographic systems to various types of mass spectrometric analyzers for the characterization of complex mixtures of VOCs for medical and forensic applications under QA/QC requirements.


Dr. Gabriel Mazzucchelli

Biomedical Sciences

After spending 7 years to develop mass spectrometry applications for biology, Gabriel Mazzucchelli became in 2008 scientific and QC manager of an academic facility and research unit focused on biomolecules analyses. He is currently a board member of the Belgian Proteomic Association and is involved in several international organizations.


Dr. Nicolas Smargiasso


Nicolas Smargiasso has a 10 years experience in mass spectrometry and is, since 2010, research logistician in an academic facility, in charge of method development and facility management. He also obtained in 2010 a Master in Management at HEC-ULg. As a biochemist, his main interest is the mass spectrometry study of biomolecules and proteomics.


Ir. Joëlle

  Civil Engineer
Consultant partner

After two jobs integrally devoted to Mass Spectrometry method development, she is now involved full time in implementing quality system in different structures. She is ready to help you for the development, re-construction or audit of your Quality System.

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